My Father

There are a few good memories from my childhood and those come out every so often. Things that remind me of happier times. He was strong and could make me laugh, he would tell me to look at something out the window and eat my veggies for me, he would take me fishing and snorkeling and to all the CB Breaks. He was the strongest man in the world to me... at 6ft 2 and about 320 he wasn't someone you made angry. He was kind of a combination of Kenny Rogers and Hulk Hogan all in one.

I do still love him and the good times but sometimes those who caused you the most pain just need to go. I realize that his years are probably numbered and I've attempted to rekindle the relationship but he showed his true colors sending me back into that corner that I grew up in. I can't go there again and although I remember the smiles and remember the love it's those fears and tears that take up the front row.

...but after everything I do still love him...

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

You have won my heart. If you really wants to love, Love your parents

I don't regret but I believe in holding on to good and bad to some extent so you remember not to do it again. I'm a pretty independent person and holding my own.

i'm sorry to hear that! but you'll realise that experiences like this either make you weaker, or make you stronger. use it to make you a stronger person! <br />
i understand that it's hard to stop loving him. he's your father, despite everything. and that's the way it's going to stay. nothing is going to change that.