But Angry At What He Did...

Despite the pain, I still love him. Our relationship lasted only for 9 months, mostly sweet, loving except for one wrong question I asked that for me only sought re-assurance on our agreement. He broke up with me. After a month of keeping silent about our breakup and avoiding to talk to friends about it or him, I asked him how he told his relatives and friends who also became my friends when I was visiting him - and I was shocked at what he told them. I won't elaborate the detail of the issue but I thought i should express to him what I felt. 

I am angry for his uncaring manner. I used to tell him that when we have problems, I don't tell other people. He agreed that's the best way. I told him I will never say anything bad about him to my relatives and friends. Although he didn't promise the same, I expected he would at least reciprocate especially that we continue to be friends, talking every day and sending emails to each other until today when I decided not to talk to him anymore.

I know I will get over my feeling and continue to wish we will reconcile, but I entrust everything to God and accept this pain if this is what is necessary for a better future for me.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

Even sharing what I shared about him here is not easy. I feel terrible talking about him.