He Was a Jerk.

there was a guy in my eighth grade class and i didnt really talk to him. until this one night, and it got personal. we talked every day and he was my best friend. no one knew except my girlfriends. we had a lot of fun together. he didn't have feelings for me and i didn't for him. that changed. once we REALLY got to know each other, i fell for him. i liked that i could trust him and that i could tell him things. when i looked at him i saw everything that i ever wanted. i didn't tell him how i felt, he just knew it. but his feelings hadn't changed for me. when we graduated eighth grade, we still talked alot. and i still loved him more than ever. but...one day he heard a rumor. he heard that i was telling everyone that i made out with him. i had never said that. but he didn't believe me. he was convinced. he called me names, and i was up crying so many nights. he hurt me so much. but i couldn't shake the love i still had for him. i loved him, but i didn't want to. then i almost got over him, but then i saw him, and the feelings all came rushing back. but we didn't talk anymore, and i still can't understand why i love someone that hurt me that much. i still love him. he's my only one.
xxalliganxx xxalliganxx
18-21, F
Jul 24, 2007