I Need to Let Him Go??

I've been married for 10yrs, separated for 4 of those. We have got back together a couple of times but it never lasts. Mainly due to bad communication, selfish behaviour and not being able to make each other happy enough. We still have alot of chemistry, up until 6mths ago, we ******* occasionally too. We have one son and my husband plays a big part in his life (this is really important to me as I grew up without a dad) so I see him alot. We're good friends and I miss him when I don't hear from him. It's so frustrating that we can't get it together, I wish we knew how to do it. He has a new girlfriend now which I'm finding very difficult and my feelings for him have become more extreme because of this. If he can't be happy with me I know I need to let him go but it's extremely hard!
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1 Response Apr 20, 2007

First of all to some point it is ok to care for you ex. You shared a life together and a child. I have been divorced for18 years and I still care for him in that reguard. I don't want to be his wife because of the problems we shared. But It is important for your own self happiness to let your feelings of getting back together rest. let him take the time to either realize he wants you or someone else. I kow how hard this is for you and I am pulling for you !