Lost In Life

So we were married for 10 years and have two beautiful children (8, 11) I could not sleep one night and checked his phone against mine. He told me he had a work dinner and come to find out it was a reunion with and old ex. He lied and then told me that nothing happened. Started putting up pictures of balls n chains on his facebook page and just did not care about what he had done. We started counseling, but he did not tell her to quit calling. Then he started talking to women on Adult friend finders and sex this weekend. I started finding used boxers in the corners of our bedroom and dirty sheets stuffed under the bed. He lied and finally I just moved out. He has been through several female lovers and I just one male companion. But for some reason my ex and I talk and joke around better than anyone I know. I miss that and the bond that we have with the kiddos. I want him back to complete the unit. What do I do?
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 16, 2013