I still miss him even after he did what he did. While the same time he was dating me he got another girl pregnant. It hurt me so much when I found out about it. He and I are still friends and I still have some feelings for him, but I did forgive him for what he did. I have nothing against her, my ex, or the baby and I hope he makes a great father and I wish them both the best of luck.
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This exact thing happened to me with my ex who I've dated for 8 years. It broke my heart & even years later I haven't let myself get into a relationship since.

Only now since I've actually forgiven him am I able to slowly move forward.

I wish I could be as strong and big a person as you. <br />
I'd smack the *****.. <br />
<br />
You clearly are such a good person and deserve so much better. How much does it suck when they do something to hurt you yet you can't stop loving them and missing them?<br />
I wonder what it would take for me to be strong enough to refuse forgiveness to the ex.

That must have been hard.