He Hurt Me But I Still Love Him

The way we met was weird and unusual. Niether one of us expected it to lead into a relationship. Everything was him for me and vice versa. We talked all day, everyday for hours and always had something to talk about. We were more than just boyfriend and girlfriend, we were best friends. After a few months he told me that he loved me but i wasnt sure if i felt the same so i didnt say it back. Cuz those words are special u cant just go around blurting it out to the world. Not dat long after words i noticed that i did love him so that became a phrase that we used plenty of times a day. Everytime i said it i meant it with all my heart.  But we obviously didnt have a happy ending. We went on and off for quite a while. I jumped into another relationship dat didnt work and i also met other guys. He met other girls when he started school. But we returned to one another because we loved eachother. But dat didnt last much longer. Cuz although we yelled to the world dat we loved eachother on new years. We officially called it quits two days after and he didnt care cuz while he was still with me, while he told me dat he loved me on new years, he was already talking to some other chick and willing to start a new relationship with her. When he admitted to this i changed my number and promised myself that i would get him out of my heart and my life. Didnt talk to him or hear from him for two months and i went on myspace and looked for him. Just to find him and hear him tell me that he loved me and missed me while he was still with that girl. Then because of me he left her but told me dat i could only be his friend... After he told me he loved me he just wanted to be my friend. So i wrote him a poem saying my final goodbyes. And that is were the ending to da "fairytale" ends. What an ending! I wish he wouldve made me happy. I loved him and i still do. I just wanted to make him happy!

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My partner of 11years left me and our 3 children for another woman but while he was with her he was telling me he still loves me an wants me back an was still sleeping with me, we decided to give it another go he promised me he left her but i found out he didnt he went back to her a few times then i found out that shes pregnant with his child that killed me inside. then he tried getting back with me again but i cudnt do it. a mobth later i decided to give it ago but made him prove to me him an het are over an he did. im back with him now but im still so hurt by her being pregnant i wish things were how they used to be.

I was with a man who verbally abused me, cheated on me, and didn't seem to even care that he hurt me. I would do anything for him and have done so much for him, this guy works a no where job, he can't really read, he has no driver's license or car, he live in the woods with no other homes around, he is 52 yet everyone thought he was 62 because he looks so much older, I believe he was into drugs although I never seen it, he is in very poor health, and everyone that I know tells me he is the most unattractive man they have ever seen. I still found myself in love with him even though I have accomplished alot in my life and somewhat attractive. I can't understand this hold he had on me.

i was with a guy for 9 months.. we liked each other on and off for two years before we started anything.. and everything was great when we started out and every relationship hits a bump in the road, then everything was going well again and out of nowhere he wants a break then cant decide if he still loves me then cant decide if he even likes me, im crushed 3 months on i see him every single day and its not getting easier.. and he was my very first true love and all it was to him was 'lust'.

i know exactly how you feel. My ex boyfriend invited me over to his place. I go there and we started kissing. And 1 thing led to another. For some reason i could see he felt guilty but i couldnt understand why. Then 2 days later he tells me that he loves another girl who is the mother of his child!!!! I never even knew he had a child. I dont think i ever wanna see or talk to him again because he just used me.

my God.. he left you for your best frind...

i honestly feel what you feel,i miss my ex so much it hurts!and he left me for what used to be my 'best friend'.i did so much to prove to him i loved him,i know he loves me too even if he doesnt show it...

Your story is sooooooo true for me as well. My relationship with my ex was off and on for 4½ years. After getting back together for only 3 months, he informs me that he doesn't think I'm the one for him. I'm hurt but I still love him so much. I can feel that I'm stronger because of it, but I still feel like I lost my best friend.

i feel you on this one way to much. cept my relationship was a lot shorter. but i loved him all the same.