The Most Amazing Girl

she is the most amazing i had ever met smart funni pretty and the best thing that could evetr happen to me we were dating for 4 months and had never bin happier until she out of the blue dumped me now im more heart borken then ever and everyday i cry wishing i had her back i love her soo much!!@@!! we still talk and i sneek out now and again 2 go see her and we talk 4 hours and we are both emotionally attached to each other but she and i r bkoth affraid to get hurt and we are talking it slow but i just wish she would hold me and call mi herz again///
brokenheart5710 brokenheart5710
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 5, 2007

when you catch a butterfly let it go. if it comes back it could be yours forever. if not find your net an catch another.