The One That Got Away

i went out with this guy who had a bad pass he got arrested has a child he made me happy and laugh i thought he was the one but him and my dad got into it then he said im over it then the next day he broke up with me and blammed it on my family me and him met up after  and talked we werent aloud to c eachother cuz his group home didnt like e but we didnt care he kissed me fo the first time in febuary the hugged me so hard i just wanted to stay in his arms he broke up with me march 1 cuz my friend called him the n word i bagged on my knees for him to stay but he said no and hes done with me he went ack to his ex then during march break we got back together he told me not to post anything on his wall and trhat ghe was moving he lied so what happend was i posted somwething on his wall he got mad at me and said that to leave him alone and we never started dating that im a crazy *****  so then i broke up with him he was trying to show of for the girls and act ik a single man so i just broke up with him and told him im done with him putting me down embarrasing me and i deserve better i missed after bout a weeek then i met this new guy and im in love with him and want to spend the rest of my life with him i love u reha
missjustinbieber missjustinbieber
May 1, 2012