I Seem To Get Over Him After All This Years

i only dated this guy for 2 months, and some how i considered him my fisrt love. we never actualy told each other that its over, but i desided to let him go cause that time i thought i was doing the right thing ending it before i fll deeper, and i thought it something he also wanted. its being 2 and a half year now and i am in live with him now more than ever, i cant stop thinking about him and i believe thats the reason why my relationships doesnt work out.

i know he moved on now and it kills me knowing, we bumb into each other sometimes at school and we hala at each other but we never talk. i wanna tell him how much how i still love him but my pride wont let me and i'm scared he wont feel the same about me. i tried getting over him long time but i faile!
tshek213 tshek213
Sep 13, 2012