This Is How It Goes.... My Ex And Me

Okay, I am thirteen and I've had one boyfriend, about 7 weeks ago. I was told by his best mate (who is also a great friend of mine, and who I like) that this boy really liked me, would I give him a chance? This lad is a bit like me, quiet surrounded by people, loud when in a small group. S I said, yh, even though I liked his best mate better. (What a ***** I am!)

So, we got to the point of holding hands and etc, but I never kissed him as my friends kept going whenever we were near/together: "Kiss eachother! Hug!" and stupid things like that. I felt so guilty as I liked his best mate, and his best mate was with one of my best mates. So, three days later, I ended it.

For the past three weeks, up until last Monday, I started to like him properly, probably more than I did when I was actually with him. Also, I caught him looking at me and thought : "Four weeks ago, did I make the biggest mistake of my life by breaking up with him?" One day, I told my mae that I liked him, and her boyfriend (who is who i like AND is my ex's mate) forced it out of her, by begging her. Also, he guessed and my ex was like: "I knew it, ******* hell!"

She asked him whether he would go out with me again and the answer to that was: "Hell no!!!" But why does he keep looking/staring at me??? Ever since Monday, I've acted friendly but coolly towards him to prove it's no longer true. (Which it isn't - I like ANOTHER good mate of mine, AND my mate's boyfriend.)

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to be 13 again and have those little problems. things will get better and those little crushes will seem like nothing later on in life. Have fun! You have LOTS of time!

Seriously, when your like 17/18 you'll look back and laugh even thou your hurting and such now and a bit confused, believe me so was I at that age and now I've realised that I am now in love and all those silly crushes didn't even compare to what I feel now. so chin up :) just keep having fun :)

Thanks - I appreciate this, thank u so much! :)

Wow..... Some problems there. Just keep going, don't let people get you down, especially your ex!

Thanks, I just act cool with him now, if you know what I mean?