I Regret Saying No.

Ha. It's in the title, ladies and gentleman. It's in the title.

Three years ago, I was a social outcast and so was he. He asked me out, I said no. Do you know why? I was desperate to fit in, and he was considered by all the cliques and popular girls to be a nerd and a geek, and as I was so bloody desperate, I rejected him twice over a year. Now, I hate all the girls that called him a nerd and geek, as they still exclude me. I only just realised a few weeks back how if I'd gone out with him, things might have gone differently for me throughout my first year of Secondary school - very differently. I might not have had all the trouble with my ex, Ben, for the past 7 weeks. (Look below for it if you want to know what happened!)
So yeah, this particular guy isn't exactly an ex, but I wish he was one.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

sweety ask him out! you only live once!