Final Goodbye

You’ve always been the ideal person I ever wished before and after you will always be the perfect guy in my eyes. Having a relationship with you brought sadness and joy and every moment with you has been the major emotional roller coaster. And I thank you for that because I’ve learned so much about myself. I am truly grateful meeting you on this journey and do not regret meeting you. Thank you so much for having been here in my life. I never really wished that you’d stay forever, but I am thankful that you have some part of your life spent with me. I may not be the perfect girl or the right girl in your life, I cause you pain and more and I felt sorry for that. The moments we shared are priceless and I cherish them in my heart, I know I will FOREVER.

To be honest I’ve been missing you, I’ve been wishing to correct the past and thinking if I really hold on a little long. But every things been done and here we are now like familiar strangers.

It’s been eight months since we go on our separate ways.. We should be forgetting the HURT by now hopefully. We said so much hurtful words and all, we make huge changes in every aspects of our lives since that day and forwards.

I’ve always tell you goodbye and I won’t dare to bother you again and for now I truly am, truly am saying goodbye for real. . Let us both move on with our lives and find true happiness and with all our hearts content. :)

shuneden shuneden
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012