My Wife Of Whom Im Seperated From Still I Love You

You the love of my life the woman i married and vowed til death do us part now im alone i miss you more everyday the life i had with you was full of happiness and light but now im in the dark and the happiness has gone i know i was wrong for hitting the mirror in an argument we had and im so very sorry but that you know i never raised a hand to you in all the years together we had and you knew i never would so please talk to me its been 2 months and youv cut me out like a stranger like im nobody to you anymore whta did i do so wrong i cant understand because you wanted to work it out but then you didnt i love you with all my heart you mean the world to me and with out you im lost like theres something missing from me myself a deep hole that cant be filled and i would do the impossible to win you back but you dont want to know anymore all i want to do us show you how much i love you and what you really mean to me so just give me the chance im wanting from you to show you i really love you and your the only one for me my beautiful gorgouse wife of mine x
bertie90 bertie90
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 16, 2012

But how to win u back i will never know but it wont stop me from trying