Meeting My Ex Again On New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve I hung out with my ex that have recently moved back to in town. He broke up with me 2 years ago but we both had a close mutual friend which is why we still have a connection. His reason for breaking up with me was because he didn't like me anymore but when we met up a few month ago he told our mutual friend that he missed me. I thought I had gotten over him and our relationship after the 2 years apart but when I hung out with him again the old feelings came back. I tried to control my emotions and tried to ignore the all the flirtation we were doing but it was hard. I am afraid that if I open up and let him back into my heart I will get hurt again. He is truly a genuinely nice guy but I don't want to get back into a relationship with him unless he initiates it and treat me better. I just hope I can keep this mentality and don't cave in to him.
sakuranight sakuranight
26-30, F
Jan 1, 2013