Two Hearts, One love!

So me and my ex are in the military was stationed together for three years and was together for 2 of those years we had to come to a decision to stay together or go our separate ways cuz at 22 marriage was just uncalled for def both too young for such a big step...but anyway he decided since he was leaving first that we separate but remain friends as much as I hated the thought of never being with him again yet I had to agree cuz I had no choice really he was leaving and didn't want to try!

So 3 years I have yet to find someone to fill my void and I still love him like I did 3 years ago we see each other on occasion and "bone" each occasion yet he has a gf whom he's been working things out with from a distance which kills me to think about cuz he didn't try that with this day he tells me he loves me and misses me and I believe him...I'm goin to visit him in march in Italy cuz I'm still overly obsessed with him and love everything about him!

I have it so bad! I'm still chasing love but I know it'll never be what it was :(
curiouskitty25 curiouskitty25
22-25, F
Jan 6, 2013