Still Love Him

How is it possible to still love someone who hurt you so bad??

I met my ex when we were in 9th grade at a church retreat. We both liked each other then but could not date cause we went to two different schools. Then in 11th grade i moved and switch to the school he was going to. My first day there he saw me and we started talking again. He would pick me up in the morning for school and take me home after school. On March 14th, 2009 he asked me out to a dinner and a movie. That night was perfect. After that we started dating. He was the best boyfriend i have had. I loved him so much and he loved me. After we graduated we attended the same college. On our sophomore year of college i thought everything was going well, we started planning our 3 year anniversary and everything seemed great. Then December 18th, 2011 he came over after work and said we needed to take a break till New Years, so I agreed thinking we needed some space anyway. Then those two weeks past and he was seeing someone else.

It has now been over a year since the break up and I am still thinking about him constantly. What is wrong with me to love someone so much who doesnt even care about me now?
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he didnt stay with her.. hes single now. i thought he was the one.

There is nothing wrong with u,this things happen but I think you should try to move on with your life since he is already dating someone else,your own true love would find you soon