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i still love him .......my "football man" he said he has caused me too much hurt to start messing with my head again....he said he thinks about making love with me often ..he said it would be lovely..i think its the only time that he sincerely meant the words he spoke.....god moves in mysterious ways what am i to do x
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difficult one SL as although he hurt me ..hes now acknowledging he hurt me and to my mind that means hes sorry .... he wanted his freedom when we broke up ....his man city season ticket took priority and also he started playing golf again .. his children also were high priority .. i just became less priority ////// selfish of him but after almost a year has passed and we still have feelings why should i not give him the benefit of the doubt? sometimes people do separate and reconcile ....he once said i am safe for the next thirty five years as he loved me that much .....i really think its about forgiveness and being honest with yourself .. i dunno .

You know what you should`nt do...unless you want to behurt all over again.