I Love You: Thoughts From The Past

When you walked in that day. You set my heart on fire, before you I was a wretched things that beat with no soul, with no passion or purpose.

I haven’t met anyone like you and I never will, you’re one of a kind.

A rose from a thorne bush. If that makes sense.

I love your smile, oh that smile how it sets my heart alite. It’s so beautiful and everytime I see it, I love you more for it. It’s the kind of smile that wars are fought over, the kind a man would kill to see. When you smile like that, make no mistake I’d move heaven and earth for you.

I love your hair, sweet, brown, long and natural. It’s perfect in my eyes, it looks lushous and the gods would give anything to have hair like yours.

I love your beauty, the beauty you say you can’t see. Well I see it, my heart beats faster everytime I know I’m about to see you, can’t you hear it? It’s like an orchestra in my ears, if Aphrodite herself walked among us, she’d pale to your beauty like every woman does.

You are my goddess, and would that I could, I’d worship you to my dying day if you let me.

I love how you care, about me, about everything. How you worry all the time. I’m sorry I brush you off sometimes. You don’t annoy me I swear, the very oppossite.

I love that laugh, I’d give anything to hear it now. When you laugh so genuine, I swear you make the angels sing. Everytime you say, “You make me laugh so much.” My heart thrums, and skips a beat or two. I’d say If I died now I’d die happy cause I’ve been loved by you, but I’d rather live so I can feel that love as long as I can.

I’m sorry I can be a frustrating jerk a lot of the time, I don’t deserve to be loved by a woman like you, no one does. You’re better than me, you’re better than everyone. You’re the best. You deserve the best. I can’t say how much you mean to me. Not if you gave me a hundred years or a thousand.

If get I but one life time, I’d like to spend it with you if you let me. I love you my Rose, my Goddess, my Queen.

Always Your humble servant.
NofaceMichael NofaceMichael
18-21, M
Jan 10, 2013