Ok soo... Like. 3 years ago I met this guy his name was bryon and he was such a great friend to me and I fell in love with his personality and I fell in love with the fact I could really open up to him and he would listen, So I asked him out and he said yes we were so funny back then.. We were scared about kissing and holding hands like 4 year olds and it was funny. Then we broke up and believe it or not we got back together .... It was stupid because we broke up and got back together every month and soon we moved on.... The next school year came and we tried it again at the beginning of the year things were perfect he let me play with his hair he would kiss me in front of his friends and he wouldn't be a jerk in front of his friends either but.. Our lives were so messed up with family and other things at th time we could stay together and broke up It was hard for me but soo I met new people ( nobody as sweet as Bryon) and They were all jerks... Me and bryon got in contacts a few weeks back and thing is I never left his mind and he never left mine... I still Love him and He loves me too... Its Like fate or whatever.
Deadlylovely13 Deadlylovely13
Jan 22, 2013