Yes, v.much so. ...

Yes, v.much so. But what is so confusing is that i am infatuated with another man at the moment and my feelings for them both keep getting intwined-don't really know what is going on-altho at this precise moment its quite simple as i'm angry at both of them, but would also love to see them too.
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went back to ex once and re-learned why I left...I remember that she knows all the buttons to push. like Pavlovs dog...

I think the relationship with an ex is the hardest to deal with, because all the bad times are filtered to the bottom and all the good times float to the top. I have made a list of all the reasons I am not dating my ex, and looked at it a few times when the break up was new to remind myself that its not worth it. Hope everything works out for you between you and your new beau, and your feeling are sorted out.