Unfortunately, I Still Love He...

Unfortunately, I still love her very much. She's the standard, even as flawed as she was. I find myself thinking that most other women are too boring, not sexy enough, not smart enough, not interesting enough in comparison to her. I almost wish we could get back together...yet, I don't. I know there was a lot of garbage in our relationship and that that wasn't healthy. In fact, it was tremendously painful, and destructive. Still, I did love her a lot, and there was a lot to her, and us, that isn't easily replaceable. Maybe I'll find it easier in LA, but I doubt it.
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It changes and becomes like gold in your mind as time passes.

I feel the same way, even though I'm only in my early 20s. This can happen at any age...

I know exactly how you feel, I see my ex everyday, and although we had a bad relationship that hurt me, i still think about her. Every girl that i see I'm just not attracted to like i was to her. There's a girl now that i know would be perfect for me but she just doesn't compare, and although i really don't want to get back with my ex, i just wish i can find someone like her.

Geez, I sure hope I can find someone else that appeals to me in every way she did, but with whom I can have a healthy relationship. I like to think it's possible, ya know? If it's not than... well, that would suck.

I know what your going through, I will never find another person even a fraction as great as my husband(soon to be ex), but we had a very unhealthy relationship.