Still Has My Heart

It has been 8 years, and to this day, my ex still has my Heart. I never knew what an effect it would have on me, until we were no longer an item. And I have regrets that still have a hold on me. I made my mistakes, but, I know I should have never left. I should have stayed and worked on the things I needed to work on, and that meaning US....I left thinking that leaving was the right thing to do, but I was wrong, and here it is, 8 years now, and I still Love the one person who captured my heart, and there isn't anyone who can capture my heart the way they did.

I would love to come face to face, and just spill my heart out, and be the person I should have always been, and not walked away...

One day, I hope and pray to be able to express how I feel in person...

mskris2u mskris2u
2 Responses Feb 17, 2009

That is a burden you must bear with. Be strong, hold to that love but don't shut your door from others. Maybe you guys weren't meant to be together in the first place. There's a reason for everything. Maybe this 8 years of suffering due to of short lived love was to build your heart and love. Everything needs to be exercised to grow. Hold on but be willing to except another into your life. My friend told me, to accept new things into your life, you must throw away what you don't use or of no use to you anymore. Don't clutter your beautiful life!!

That's a rough one...... wish you the best of luck with it