I'm very confused at the moment and wanted to share my story here and see what you guys think. August last year my husband and I realized we had grown apart too much and decided to get a divorce. We were together almost 6 years. We are still good friends and except for very few moments, I'm fine with that, it was the right thing to do.

But last weekend I went to a party with some friends and I ran into an old boyfriend. i broke up wiht him a couple of months before meeting my husband and haven't given him much thought since. but we ran into eachother and started chatting and that was really nice. he had always been shy and closed but now he shared his feelings and we talked about what went wrong between us and how it has made him change his life. it was great to see how much more open and confident he was. the problem was that we just kept talking and you know that feeling when you feel you want to kiss someone but don't, well that was definately there. very strange. to make a long sotry short, he drove me home and we kissed in the car but i kind of freaked out a bit as i didn't understand where it was coming from and decided it was better to just get into the house.

but it's left me confused and completely off center. i can't seem to stop thinking about him. we have chatted a bit on facebook but are both just very cautious and are talking about how we are confused about something and it's probably the same thing. my brain is saying that this is a very bad idea and that it didn't work between us for a reason and i haven't thought about him in years so this must just be a rebound thing. but my heart won't listen. just thnking of him, makes my chest feel all tight. and i don't know what to do. i know i should just let it be and i'll forget about it but i'm struggling. i've been the one initiating our chats 2 times now and even though yesterday i was adamant that i would not contact him again - it's his turn now, i'm feeling my resolve shatter every minute.

i really don't know what to do here...

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People change so you two could get on better than you did before.

Don't be confused.