Disappointed But Still Loving Him

I was 19, we met at university he was a foreign student becoming a doctor , I was a nursing student . Love at first sight for both of us that's how we felt. Three years doing everything together every single day. At first my family didn't like the idea of him being from other side of the world but with time they adored him. He was such a good student, such a great achiever, wonderfull personality. I felt so lucky you know ..."my first" and "the one" until I found a letter and a ring after his backhome vacation trip . My world for 5 mins was literally falling all over me , or so I thought then. We both cried , kiss and more... But it had to be over . For my beliefs and principles. His excuse?? It was planned by his parents he couldn't refuse. Like if this was the 18th century and he wasn't in his 30's to make his own decision . For a moment I hated him so much but it has been almost 6 years since that dramatic moment of my life but I think despite of what happened after , those were the best 3years of my life , I know it is impossible for us to be together I don't even know if I will see him again which it could probably be the best but he owns a special place in my heart and forever will and i believe he could say the same about me. Still dream of him so vividly! And trust me friends , there is a magic in it!! In the end is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all
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good on you for being so strong! xox

Thanks!! Appreciate your comment .

I know what you mean about the loving part. I fell completely in love with this guy and we spent a lot of time together and he always seemed to be really interested in me and then I found out he had a girlfriend. Although he lead me on and although he is a total idiot for being like that with someone so young and when he had a girlfriend but I still love him to pieces :'(

The sad part is that u never expect something like this is going to happen to u . At some point u feel like u are in soap opera atmosphere, then u realize is real and believe it or not you learn, see life differently and a part of u becomes stronger. Cheers!!