He Means Everything To Me <3

i remember when we would lie to are parents and tell my dad that i was with me mom but i was at his house . and now i cant stop thinking about he and i dated he for like 3 years and he still my everything but we broke up this may 28 and are 3nd year was may 25 . it was very hard for me but i know it was a good idea cuz he cheated on me and i knew he was going to it again but i miss him so much and all the time we had and the silly **** that we did and are cute little jokes .but the **** up thing is that in hour after we broke up he was dating one of my bestfriends and i flip **** cuz i still loved him and **** cuz i wanted to fight her but i knew i would kick her *** .but he cheat on her with me and i know make me sound like a ***** but im not i promise but the good thing is that we still talk and he come to me for everything and he calls me when he knows im sad . and for some reason i feel like he still cares
anhole anhole
13-15, F
Sep 19, 2012