My First Love, My Last Love, My Only Love

I met my first love our freshman year of high school, fresh out of elementary school, we were young and foolish and didn't know what was good for us. I was told he liked me and thought I was "hot" and I generally thought the same. But I was a girl and girls are definitely different than boys. I actually liked him and he did me, but boys will be boys and he found someone else to talk to and like. So our flame went out and we lost contact and any feelings for each other. Four years went by, senior year of high school. He went to my brother school, we both attended single gender high schools, so I was bound to come into contact with him in some way. Football games were all the rage when you were a senior so I went along with the crowd and attended and stood in "the pit" with my friends, wearing my seniors pit shirt. At the last few games I attended, I started running into him, or I should say falling into his side accidentally (a few times I might add). He was nice about it, helping me back to my feet, making sure I was okay, with my friends teasing me that "It was meant to be!" I assured them that he did not even remember me. That was the last of him, until one month after we graduated, my birthday. My friends invited him to the small kickback we were having for my birthday as my "birthday gift," and he was actually the second choice, the first one couldn't make it.

But I am so happy that the first choice couldn't make it and he did because after that night, we saw each other again and again because he was always invited to hang out or go out with us. He even "accidentally" left his sunglasses in my purse as an excuse to see me again. *sigh* Eventually we got closer and closer and I started to like him again. I got scared that history was going to repeat itself, so after me, him, and a couple of my friends went to the Griffith Observatory, we went to dinner and before me and him went inside, I tugged on his hand to ask him a question (we were holding hands).
I asked him "What are we doing?" and he asked me what I meant, I said, "What is this between me and you?" He told me he liked me a lot and it definitely isn't going no where. So I left it alone and after that, I saw him a lot, we even texted and talked on the phone all the time. He went to my house and I went to his and we met each others' family. The day I met his family for the first time, we were alone in his house, watching T.V. on the couch. He brought up the fact that I would soon be meeting his family, so I asked "Who will be here?"
He responded, "My mom, my dad, my uncle, my sister, and my girlfriend."
I looked at him as he smiled at me, and said, "What? I'm not your girlfriend."
He replied, "You practically are."
And I a-matter-of-factly replied "But I'm not." (I loved how he said that.)
We continued to see each other after that still, nothing had changed, but I had to leave for college, not far, 45 minute drive, but way too far to see each other everyday. The day before I left, he asked me to be his girlfriend. And I said Yes.

It's been 2 years and almost 4 months since that day and we are proudly planning our lives with each other in it; our lives together if you want to get technical. (And for the record, he did recognize me at the football games and told me that he thought, "Damn she is really cute." I was just like, "Yeah right.") But about a month or 2 into the relationship, he kept hinting something at me and I figured out what he was hinting at and I said I wasn't sure if I felt the same because it was still new and to be honest I was scared of the four letter word: LOVE. I hurt him and I felt bad, but I wasn't going to say it if I didn't mean it.

Oh but the night I knew I loved him, *sigh*. We were watching his favourite chick flick, well not really. We were making out on his couch with the movie playing in the background when he stopped and looked that the T.V., telling me, "Hold on I like this part." In "He's Just Not That Into You," Ben Affleck proposes to Jennifer Aniston and she says yes. I'm not watching the movie but instead, his face, above me (as he is laying on top of me), and after she says yes, a small smile breaks onto his face. At this very moment I knew I loved him. It's funny how anything can happen at the most random moments, and that little thing could make you realize something so big.

He is my first love, my last love, and my only love.
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