I Dont Know What It Is

I'm in a very happy relationship but I dont know what to do. My ex boyfriend, Bryan, who was my first real love has been talking to me lately. I am very happy with my new boyfriend..butI want Bryan in my life. My boyfriend, Julian, hates him for obvious reasons. He's worried that I will go back to Bryan so he doesn't let me talk to him...well he thinks I don't. I would never cheat on Julian, but he doesnt understand. Bryan was an ******* when we were together. He treated me like complete **** and I would tell him that one day I'll find someone better and hell be jealous. He always denied it. But now that I have he's telling me he loves me and misses me. I don't want to hurt either of them. I don't want to be with Bryan but I want a friendship. I don't want to go behind Julian's back though...I'm so lost. I dont know what to do!
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2 Responses Jan 20, 2013

The first is the hardest to forget even if you tried your level best.

The reason why you feel that desire to be friends with your ex so badly is because he was your first love. No matter what happened between ya'll he is still your first love and you will always have that connection with him. The down side about that connection is that you will always want him to be a part in your life, but sometimes that is not for the greater good. You have to think long and hard for what is the best for you because I have been put in your exact same shoes except I'm a guy and my girlfriend cheated on me. Six months after we broke up she came running back to me telling me how I am the only one for her and how much she messed up and how she will do anything to change what went wrong before, swearing it would never happen again. Because she was my first love I caved, ditched my new girlfriend and started seeing my ex again. Within two weeks she started running around on me once again. No matter how much I love that girl I know I can never be with her again. Because more likely than not people never change. They will repeat the same actions once they have you back and can act like their normal self again, or in your exes case, an *******. Tell your ex to listen to the song "It'll All Work Out" by Tom Petty and then just never talk to him again.