I'm Sprung

She's so beautiful and soft to the touch, my heart screams when i am no longer within her presence. My life feels like a scale that is unbalance were she to be removed, cursed are my ears if i may not her but a whisper of her voice. Our love is strong yet lucky am I if we may only steal a kiss for our lives cast so many obstacles in front of yet. A burst of rage I feel and is kept conceal when another man may dare speak to her. Alas, tis just my jealously as being her prince, who can blame them for admiring such beauty, so i hold my tongue. She is my princess and i her prince. Our love is strong but I fear she may not know how deep, dare i say bottomless my love is for her...I'm so afraid of losing her i'll do anything to make her happy. I was her first kiss, her first boyfriend, her first time and I definitely wanna be her first and only husband....i'm just so afraid of losing her...........am I clingy??? :|
ajalawallace ajalawallace
18-21, M
2 Responses Jan 21, 2013

The first cut is the deepest as the song goes. It is the best too.

You're a really great guy that possesses not only thoughtfulness but poetic talent! Not clingy at all, you're just in love! Best wishes to you both!