A Multigenerational Super Duper Sentimental Bear :)

It doesn't have a name, i am not even sure that it has a gender ....hmm nope it doesn't!
Simply the cute small very very special bear?
Why so special you prompt.....Ok let me tell you the story...

I have no toys from my childhood for two reasons, one , I was born across the ocean.
And secondly, my parents dumped them all but one out, yes I know, the insensitive people to do that!

Now she is a broken doll whom I adored and she was like a best friend, I have her stored in a Rubbermaid container.
One of her legs had fallen out,but I have it still.

I had a very funny looking PINK cat with plastic white whiskers and vivid light green eyes, it was my only toy from my birth country.
I think it was a him, don't ask how I knew this but leave it at that ok :)
He just stood...on four feet, he wasn't really a stuffed toy by our modern standards. Actually he was so stuffed, that he stood upright with on his 4 even length feet without my help :)
I honestly can't say that I every truly cuddled him, like i stated he was rather firm and uncuddly but I loved him! And  I remember well where we bought him from. A store by the Baltic Sea. Somehow, this I recall clearly...:)!!

I don't remember when or how they got rid of him, I just know they did. And i am kind of mad at them for taking my only toy from my birth place and dumping him. It kind of tears at my heart a little.

Anyways, back to the current bear :)!

Many many years ago when I was younger, prettier (but sadly did not realize it because no one around me reflected it back to me !!!) and a youth,
I met a boy.

He was a very different boy from me, sort of from the wrong tracks you could say,yes actually you must say it because it was so.

I was lonely alone and melancholy and I had never had a bf prior to him. Even though my soul may have been screaming 'no don't you dare!!!'
I was unable to hear it, cause I was so desensitized from what I needed and wanted thanks to the way my parents raised me. Yes spare the rod spoil the child, verbal abuse and some neglect.

OK so this girl met that boy and I was used to what I had gotten in my life, so he seemed familiar in a way to me, but I hoped maybe he could save me still.
He did not save me , exactly.
He did present the teddy bear as a gift.

The boy and I as man and wife lived for 6 years until we had a very precious little child.
When she was born, I put the little bear into her hospital bassinet.

She is my life, but I have to rebuild mine, there are so many shards of it, all over the place.

The teddy bear sits in my room and looks at me with love and sweet memories of my child's youth....

Lunadelobos Lunadelobos
5 Responses May 7, 2012

Thank you Fishlover!<br />
I appreciate the time you took to read and you sweet comment :)

I think that is sweet and if you find a need in loving that bear then hold onto it. It may be able to help you to make sense and heal some of those shards.<br />
Take care

A sweet-sad story, Luna, beautifully told and a pleasure to read.<br />
<br />
I am so glad You have kept your nameless special bear as a memento of that boy who loved You!

*thank you* that's a really nice thing to say :)

Your story is very sweet. I'm glad you shared it! It's never to late to build a new life and you're never too old to need a Bear!