I Still Love Obama, He's A Good Man.

People hate him, I know. But I still have the deepest respect for him.

Just like what happened to Bill Clinton, everyone freakin hated him when he was president! I saw "IMPEACH CLINTON" written on people's cars and stuff..

Then what does Bill do? He goes into North Korea(!!!!!!!!!!) and saves two people from a lifetime of slavery. Hell, even Obama wouldn't just walk into North Korea and be like "hey, what's goin on lil man. lets smoke this cigar and talk about things. this is one of those mexican cigars *wink wink* but you should never inhale a cigar lol"

Anyway, Bill, Obama, you guys are ok in my book.

Lol and I'm not even entirely interested in hearing whether people like obama or hate him, I just want the world to know that if Obama falls I will be there to catch him. He's in my top 10 favorite people :)
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2 Responses Jul 11, 2010

Thanks for your non-combative response. It is my perogative to support my friend. I know 100% that if he and I were in the same room we would have some good times. <br />
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I really mean it, thanks for being non-combative. I know I was putting myself on the line by making this but I felt that the world needs to see that in this world of Obama-bashing I am not one of them. I still stand behind his decisions even if I don't always agree with them. I still like him as a person, a father, and a friend. Sure that's not exactly what we need as a leader but it makes me feel good knowing I could talk to the president and he'd be friendly and honestly supportive of me.<br />
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A politician that spreads hate(tea party politics) would never be a candidate for me. I love peace. I love people. I don't want either of them to go away..unless they're unpeaceful or unloving. You, sir, have been peaceful and understood my unconditional love for our President. You have my respect even if we vote differently :) Thank you for your insightful comment :)

That's your prerogative! I just felt like this post needed a comment of some sort!