I Laugh Out Loud

I have watched all of the episodes many times and still I laugh out loud. Especially at Filburt ! Tom Kenny and Mr. Lawrence are brilliant.
That's it. That's my story.
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Omg me too!

Lol One of my all time favorite cartoons! I need to find hem on DVD so I can watch them whenever I want. "Hey Heff, ask me what time it is."

My two black labs are named Heffa and Rocco....I loved that show.

THAT makes you even more adorable Mr. Dog.......in a slightly nauseating way.

You turn the page, wash your hands. Turn the page, wash your hands. Turn the page, wash your hands..:P

yes! funny

I like Duckman too. He's such a fool

I don't know I always thought he was absolutely brilliant..he just suffers from a litany of mental disorders and comes from a broken home which makes him act like a misogynistic pig..trying to get the affection he can't get from his family...haha or not :P

Well, I now have a totally different perception of Duckman! :>

Hey he's still a human being..well..as much as a large anthropomorphic duck can be.

You're right. I judged him too harshly. He's still a pig though, a pig of a duck

No that's Cornfed :P..god I love Cornfed....and Just got his name..he's a pig..and his name is Corn Fed...that's brilliant..that show just keeps on giving :P

I'd forgotten all about Cornfed, noir Pig. I'm gonna have to you tube Duckman tonight for a refresher course

They released the entire series on DVD a while ago..it's pretty good but they had to change A LOT of the music in the show because of copyright issues..and the music was one of the best aspects of it, haha.

I'm kind of a purist about animation and all it entails. I don't think I'll be buying the DVD.

Yeah I had no idea until after I purchased it and I was all wtf is THIS?

That really sucks

Tis' life :P

tis' true good attitude cheezburger :>

please, cheezburger is my father's name..you can just call me cheez :P

HA! That was pretty presumptuos of me cheez. Please call me Odd

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