A Day At The Office

Tiffany was clearing up her office before the week-end and she was late, she didn't mind as this week-end was hers everyone was away and her boyfriend had been given his marching orders. Couldn't be trusted and here she was tall athletic professional woman so there was no going back on her decision. At thirty two and secretary to a company exec she had a clear idea of what her life should engulf and a man that couldn't stay away from other women wasn't in her plans. It was nearly seven so she was near the last to leave putting out the lights and leaving the trash in the hall for the night cleaners. Walking to the elevator she was thinking how sexy she dressed for work and loved the power it could wield but she was never sorry to get home and wear flats and jeans. Walking out into the underground car park her heels echoed off the building and her car was some distance away. She always felt vulnerable down here and she didn't like it. Turning the corner she saw a van loading or unloading next to her car. It looked like a sofa half in half out and an older guy trying to squeeze it in. She got the car door open and threw the brief case in and was about to slide behind the wheel when she noticed the guys limp. Feeling helpfull she asked if he was alright. Yeah! he said i might have to unload now as i can't seem to get this in, shoulda done it first i suppose. She looked inside and it was full of furniture, the sofa just a fraction too wide to slot in past a large desk. Won't that desk move just a little if both of us try. He nodded and helped her in.as they approached the desk they put there feet against the side and their ***** against the desk. On a count of three they both pushed and the desk moved. She didn't feel as though she helped much but it worked. Can you hold this piece of wood so it jams the desk while i push the sofa in. Ok how do i get out afterwoods. I'll open the side door. Gradually he got the sofa in and as it approached the piece of wood she was holding she reemoved it and the sofa was pinning her against the desk one side and a table behind her. The doors clanged shut and she found herself in darkness. She waited a few minutes then knocked on the side door thinking he may have forgotten about her. She heard his voice saying the doors have autolock system and it's not the ignition key and that he was very sorry and needed to take the van home before he could unlock it. How long she shouted. An hour maybe  a little more depends on traffic. She resigned herself thinking it was going to be midnight before she got home. The engine started and she climbed over the arm onto the sofa. She must of dozed off because the van had stopped. Perhaps it was it was the stopping that woke her. She banged on the door from the sofa end and got her cell out. My god it was nine o clock. Just then she heard the keys rattle the side door and slide it back. Sorry about that ma'am and he climbed in and helped her over the sofa arm in which she had to hike her skirt a little thinking he probably hadn't seen up a ladies skirt for some time and started to giggle. As she stepped onto the van floor he suddenly twisted her arm up behind her back and swivelled her around and over the desk. She yelped with surprise and pain. Then his arm twisted a little more and he said i need to gag you although there is nobody to hear you so open your mouth as wide as you can. In his other hand by her mouth was a ball that had straps and she knew what it was right away. She resisted but her arm was on fire, she tried to kick but he was beside her and her skirt didn't allow much movement. He twisted again and she yelped and the ball was keeping her mouth open but not fully home. Another twist a muffled sound as the ball compressed between her teeth then expanded as it got behind them. That will do for now he said we can tidy that mouth piece of yours later i'm going to put a strap around your wrist so be good. She was making a sound like humming but she didn't think it would be heard beyond the van perimeter. The strap was buckled and her other arm was brought down behind her back. Once up in place the other was released while he buckled the second one. Nobody can hear you so you can stop trying to fight it although it does make it interesting seeing you so helpless. With that she felt him bring down the first arm and locked them together. Don't try and reach the buckles they have ties on them so they won't loosen. His hand was on the back of her neck now and he pulled her upright and pushed her over the sofa arm so she was on her side and immediately started to scrabble into a sitting position, but he was on her and turned her face down. Was this the same man, the other couldn't move quickly at all. He got something wide around her throat and proceeded to tighten it at the front. As he did so her chin was forced up. Then the straps attached to the ball were pulled tight behind her and  felt the ball move back a little. He whispered in her ear. That is a neck brace lightly keeping your moving jaw against you gag. Later another strap will go underneath but attached to your gag straps forcing your jaw closed but first we have to  keep you still. He moved down so he was astride her hips and attached something to her wrists then slowly raise them.Pushing her down he turned around and grabbed an ankle. Don't want you running away and put a strap around it. Letting it go he did the same with the other, then move down and locked them together. Then she felt her ankles start to go up until just her knees were touching the sofa. He put her shoes on and wound tape around them to keep them on. Now he said that wil stop you rolling around until i get you to your new home his mouth whispering the information as it was ongoing. He then got something that looped underneat her jaw and it tightened pulling the lower jaw up against the gag that was being pulled down. There he said soon be finished as he held her head still and bought something round in front. Don't be scared it's an inflator and he passed the adapter over her lips and into the ball. He pumped and Tiffany panicked tears rolling down her face as she could feel the ball expand in her mouth until the gag straps were stopping the expansion and the lower jaw completely jammed against the strap underneath. There he said i think that will do for now. She felt his hand at her skirt and he whispered i'd love to know how you feel now and i guess you won't mind if i have a quick peek up your skirt, shout if you do. His hand caressed the tight skirt slowly upwards, teasing she was trying to resist but there was no slack and he said i can't hear you so i guess you don't mind and he inched up a litttle more until the hips started to resist. She jumped as his finger just touched the outline of her ***** through the panties. I like a girl who wears white underneath especially with stockings even though they are holdups. There was a flash and he brought a camera around in front of her and made her see herself as she looked to him. Very sexy he whispered i defy any man not to take advantage of your position. He patted her bottom and shut the door leaving her in the dark bound and gagged wondering if she was going to die. Nobody would miss her until Monday.   
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Dec 13, 2012