Love to Live

they want us to share our stories.... I don't think I have enough time for all that! LOL! I guess what I mean is...... I want to live a little more than i have been lately. I want to go out with those "bad influence" friends. Go on a extended road trip and see everything i haven't. I want to go out of the country and visit places like Ireland, Scotland, Russia, Denmark, Australia...etc.... I don't have time..... I have a child.... I have a husband that is a homebody, I want to go and do, but find myself held back. Its ok...I am just bidding my time till I can.....I want to ride white water rapids, soak up the sun in the Virgin Islands..... My problem is I think I want way to much! For one thing I cant afford to go on ANY of the trips I mentioned above. Except white water rapids. My passion is to get out and do!  Maybe there are some people out there that are....I would like for those people to share some exciting stories about having their kind of fun...doesn't have to be my kind.....Other stories on EP are depressing.,  ( like mine) Just want something different. I want people to join this with fun in mind. I need a great escape.... Do you have a good escape story?

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36-40, F
May 21, 2009