We Also Loved To Wear Diapers

It does my old heart good to see the younger crowd coming up loving diapers as I do. I guess it removes a lot of the stigma that I am sick or bad for my diaper wearing. Since my wife has passed on I don't have many people to play with anymore. We both loved to wear diapers and had a number of friends visit for weekends and holidays to receive diaper care.

Both of us just liked to wear (DLs) and rarely used them for their intended purpose. Can't say that about our visitors, most of them were total ABs and required regular changing and wanted to be babied. All was fine and we catered to their wishes with the nursery I built. It was totally realistic in design and was sized accordingly for adult babies. In later years we added other kinks to the nursery such as bondage equipment, enema equipment, and a variety of adult sized baby clothes. I also got to ply my hobby of photography and digital recording of their special moments like messy diaper changes for their visit albums.
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Sorry about your loss. She sounds like she was very special, right from the moment of confrontation at the cabin (you mentioned in another posting), to the moment you lost her.

DL's together forever...