New Diapering Stuff

I don't think I will ever get tired of wearing full time diapers. I'm incontinent so for me diapers are a must because I will not go under the knife for an issue that shouldn't be "an issua". I enjoy infantile looking diaper things because there is a sense of knowing my secret and having the general public dummy up to my secret. I have a lot of babyish things along with standard incontinence supplies and clothing. I have even got a good supply of Baby things for Missy Right if I am ever fortunate enough to meet a woman who is as energetic about a lifestyle where diapers are a main fact of life. I always get that tingling feeling whenever something new is added to my wardrobe. Maybe it ie the antcipation for my orders to arrive, but I am like a kid at Christmas whenever I see a package on my doorstep. My heart races while I rip open a box I know has something different for my Baby supplies, like yesterday my AIO diapers came.C ute Pooh patterns are the look of these diapers and after I washed them last night ( like the instruction said) I put on my regular night time cloth diaper and put the AIO diapers where I could see them from my bed. I couldn't take my eyes away from staring at my new diapers. I also had a restless night knowing I was going to be doing some serious testing come morning. Well it's morning and I am wearing one of my new AIO diapers. I also (for a double check) have a Babykins diaper cover, also new, just to be safe. I love the comfiness of this diaper for sure and I think my Babykins diaper cover, transparent except for the BABY written on the backside, adds more to the look. I have a handsom bottom when well diapered in my opinion. I have to get ready for work now and hope my day of testing is a secessful and stressless day. is up for this adventure for sure.
Ibabyyou2 Ibabyyou2
56-60, M
Jan 10, 2013