Yup I'm A Bedwetter :/

It happens to me once in awhile and its so annoying :/ I could be having a nice dream about anything and all of the sudden I have to pee so bad it hurts. I can try anything but I'd be unable to move my arms and legs or wake myself up all I can do is wet the bed. :(

I've had this problem all my life so its nothing recent and it doesn't happen often enough to have it looked at but its soo frustrating! I hate having no control over it! It's done a lot of harm to my self confidence and I've even been banned from sleepovers at friends houses because of it. My mom has told me it should improve as I get older I just wish it would hurry up! This is probably my most humiliating secret but I felt like getting it out there might make me feel just a little bit better instead of bottling it up. I just wish someday I won't wet the bed anymore!
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Hi girly, I sometimes wet the bed also. I have done it so long that I'm pretty much used to it by now. It sometimes sucks but sometimes it feels good like when my room is cold lol. I'm glad you shared your story, your among friends here. If ya add me as a friend we can chat when ever your feeling bad about it and I can do my best to put a smile on your face.

Thanks for sharing - its given me the confidence to share as well :- )

You will stop bed wetting one day I stopped when i turned 19. I will only wet the bed now if am drunk. You may stop before your 19. I no its not nice for you to be wetting your bed but try not to worry to much about it good luck

Embrace it. Try think positive in a negative scenario.

Whats the positives of wetting the bed? there really aren't any as far as i can tell

Theres people what to wet the bed and they cant but can look at it that way maybe

Well it's all a mind set. Think positives like well at least you don't have to pee when you wake up. And at least it's not every night. Any negative can be thought of in positive ways and it will help you manage