I Have To Pee The Bed.

I have to pee in my bed, I can't help it, it is just such a dirty thing to do. But my wife doesn't like it, she sees the pee stains and shouts at me, telling me what a dirty old man I am becoming: I'm doing my best!

So, even though I know it will get me in trouble, I still do a wee-wee in the bed. I like to do it when my wife has gone to sleep. I'll pull the covers to one side and wait patiently for that moment when I have a charge of **** waiting to erupt. Then I let it go, letting a spurt go over my shoulder onto the pillow. Up in the air to land on my belly. Up in the air to land on the mattress between my legs. I shoot spurts of **** up my pjs till they are wet. I run  my hands over my wet body and clothes. But best is when I lift myself off the sheet and lower back down, feeling the cool wetness that I've made on the bed with my pee. Wanking lasts barely a minute as I'm so excited and dump on the pee one good load of *****..

ImustGo ImustGo
56-60, M
2 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I love to pee in the bed, and I sleep better when I am wet. Fortunately, my wife knows about this, and doesn't mind too much.

I think you are very lucky to have your wife sleep with you knowing that you wet the bed on purpose. I agree it is a dirty thing to do but I could never give it up either. God know I've tried often enough during my life but always given in to my desire to be wet at night. That was one of the main reasons I regressed. Now I have no control over my bed wetting and am much happier for this. I still do enjoy wetting on purpose when the mood takes me. When I wet on purpose I don't wear nappies but several pairs of under pants. I like to lay on my stomach in the middle of the bed until I cant hold it any more and let it all rush out . I usually then hump the wet sheets and then fall fast asleep in my wetness.