I started playing pokemon when it 1st came to America and I have never stopped and still play today. Its so much fun.
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I am not much into the cartoon or comic as much as everything else, and I agree that raichu is pretty cool and pikachu, well its pikachu.<br />
My favorite is and I think will always be vaporeon.

I've also been into Pokemon since it first hit American shores. I'm not much into the cartoon, and I haven't read the manga, but I do like the games and the little creatures. As far as the original 150/151, my favorites were (and still are) Vulpix and Mewtwo. But in my Blue version, I loved having Charizard on my team.<br />
<br />
Pikachu I never personally liked - I always liked Raichu better. And currently, I'm eager for Black and White to arrive; Zoroark, Reshiram and Zekrom look quite promising.

charmander and pikachu where both very popular, same with the legendary's. With the new ones its pretty much all over the place for who likes what.

I have a friend that likes bidoof a lot.