Pokemon is incredible.

Well i'll define that down o just the games. Just the gameboy games. Just the second generation. Just gold and or silver.

Yea so this group exists to embarass me and because i love playing those damn GSC games. I must play them about once or twice a year right through, then wonder wtf i'm doing with my life and stop playing. That is, once i've beaten Red of course, elipsing ******.

And thats about it, also i'm too old for the other group so i had to make my own :( but those wankers can't stay 18 forever can they!



especially since i wasnt allowed to. nor would i havbe wanted to...

-fades out-

thesamwebb thesamwebb
18-21, M
2 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Ty che, youre very kind

I'm so adding this group as a goal. And I love the group logo btw. :D