Gota Love Pokemon

Pokemon is awsome! I been playin it since it 1st became popular back when I was in 4th or 5th grade. Had pokemon cards, had pokemon blue and red versions. Back then I use to watch the show. Guess you could say I watched it for Misty, back then I kinda had a crush on her even tho she wasnt real, Funny huh? Well, once the new pokemon series came out and Misty was no longer there I just kinda lost intrest in the show. I gave the cards away back in 7th grade but I still play the games. Infact, I have been playing japanease soul silver on my flash cart (yeah, I pirate my DS games but thats just what I do. However, I do not cheat. Im only guilty of pirateing my stuff :P).

Krie Krie
Feb 14, 2010