Pokemon Obsession

No lie, I am obsessed with Pokemon still. I have been since it came out when I was a child. Now at the age of 20, almost 21, I am STILL obsessed with Pokemon. I've been watching the show, old and new, I've been keeping up with the games and am hyped up for White 2 on October 7th. Not only that, but I REALLY want to get into the trading card game. I tried out the Pokemon TCG Online game and loved it. The card game is amazingly fun. The only bad part is finding people that play. In my age group not many people are quite into Pokemon anymore. Around here there's really no possible way to find others either. The old card shop changed into purely sports cards and there's nowhere other than Wal-Mart that has 'em. But, as a true fan I will keep up on cards and games. Even if the Jamestown, ND area doesn't have much to offer me, lol.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

I heard yea, I have a bad obsession with it -.- I literally have everything pokemon, all of the games, and the plushies and figurines

Yeah, there are few times where it doesn't enter my mind. =/ But it's awesome to meet another Pokemaniac. :P