Bathtub Toys

i know most u guys grew outa bathtub play by now. but me and my bro still get washed by mom. and we both have a blast cause its fun. toys are toys. its just the same as playing in our room but lots beter cause mom is with us haha .

PS .. kev dresses himself now but i still let mom do it for me .
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

o WOW! and i thout i was gona be the only kid on here gets washed by mom. i love it and got tons of tubtoys. great story tyler

thanks TJ. nope! not even close. mom makes it fun washing us .

wish i had a brother to play with me in the tub. i love bathtime

I like your story Tyler. Dont let older kids take your fun away.

thanks andy. i just play with yunger friends .

I have awesome friends my age yet I still hang around with younger kids :P I feel myself around them like I'm not supposed to grow up or as if I'm not ready for it