It Is 4 Years From Now Since I Met My Ex-girlfriend

I met her when l was 15 and I was attracted by her beauty. we had a long time to study and play together because we are in the same class I noticed that not only she had a gorgeous face but also was kind-hearted. She was the first girl who ever showed up in my dreams.

So I usually asked her out to play and had meals. To my surprise, she went out with me every time I asked her even she bought me gifts on festivals. When she felt depressed she usually phoned me and I told her funny stories that I preserved to make her happy. I seemed to be the one she relied on. I know she also liked me, at least a bit of it but I was too shy to express my thought to her so that we had been friends for almost 2 years.(I know that was stupid and if gave me another chance I can speak it out loudly without hesitation) At the same time, some of other guys also liked her, who always bought her candies which her liked most and asked her out to movies. However, she rejected them.

Time flies, we've attended college in different cities and had fewer connections. I didn't know that she had a boyfriend until I met her on the street with her hand grasped his hand. It's too late for me to ask her out again and I know that I have already lost her . We smiled at each other then she introduced me to her boyfriend. Now we really become friends. All I have to do is to make my best wishes to her and her boyfriend while I have regret deeply in my heart.
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Good story! Thanks for sharing.<br />

Thanks (谁都是这么过来的~)

in 9th grade, i liked this guy named amaan...........same thing happened...we were best buddies..some people thought we were dating! now i am in first year college and we are in different cities and he is commited........i did not express my feelings then because i was affaired of commitment and didnt liked the idea that i would self-lesslywould do anything for him...........i regret it but i wish him he is happy because he deserves it, better then no one.........even if its not with me........

It's so hard for a person to bless another who used to be his or her lover and besides there is no standard to measure it is right or wrong. But I think it is the brave and kind person who can get through it. Thank you for your story. ~~

your welcome............however, if i get a chance......if situation is right...........i will tell how i considering doing that?

go ahead