I Will Never Forget...

when my six year old brother looked at our mom and said "mom? is this REAL?"
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2 Responses Dec 3, 2007

my littil brother always look at the news..for every kid killed..and every home get dystroied..he ask me..where is that happening..and iwhen i tell him thats happening to muslms..he doesn't get surprised!!<br />
..muslims suffer too..with big numbers more what usa lose that day<br />
but hey..no one mention it!!<br />
no..but when usa..got this one attack!!<br />
we remember it..all...every year..and every day..all muslims suffer more of what extremitst did!!<br />
we all get to be called terrirst!!!<br />
i know..it was horrible what they did that day..but why no body said..well muslims suffer,...too<br />
why no body is talking abt it at all<br />
why eamerica give the extremtist the excuse to do something like 911<br />
and then attack us muslims..and call us as terrirst!!!<br />
well amerca bully us..america started it!!!<br />
america is making enemies all around..and one day she ll have no friend!!<br />
everybody need to stop<br />
america should<br />
and extremeeists should stop too<br />
islam is religion of peace and they r representing islam in bad way

I will always remember 9/11 and even more 9/13 when I arrived with the Red Cross Disaster Relief Unit from Alabama, where I was living at the time. Haviung hit this random story I will now not be able to sleep tonight, anyone else up? Message me if ye see this.