The Day That Changed My Life Forever!

I was in 5Th grade we lived in Queens with my family and grandparents. my grandma worked in the 2ND tower 98Th floor for some marketing thing
But every morning she took classes in the 1st tower for some required entrepreneur thing. I did not go to school that day i had the chicken pox and my mom always dropped off food for my grandma every morning because my Nana said food was too expensive inside so my mom took me to go with her to drop off food.A day i will never forget.As we were walking it was a normal day everyone rushing to get to work or get some breakfast..just normal for new yorkers.We went inside the 2ND tower but first you had to get by security to get into the 3rd floor they were strict.We passed and went on we reached the 42ND floor were it was the cafeteria.People eating some with laptops and others talking.Many business people they looked so smart and nerdy lol.Suddenly everyone got up from there chairs and started to look outside my mom was talking on a pay phone they had inside I got up and went to go look too there was fire fire!!! Some guy inside said he had seen a plane crash and another fella responded Your dumb no way!!! The new came up and it was true a plane had crash we were scared so many of us started to grab our things and get out.My mom was frozen in shock she started to cry and i knew why my grandma was up there.I held on to my mom's leg and started making excuses ''Maybe she's out maybe she was coming already'' I was too young to know. She called family members and got even more sentimental. at exactly 9:05 there was an explosion and the news said the 2ND tower were we were at had been hit my mom grabbed me and stared to run with others..People crying people scared shocked,furious so many feelings.We started to run and run people coming back up and other's trying to get out it was a confusion going on we reached to the 12Th floor were we had to jump kind of like a slide looking thing we did without even thinking went.My mom still with me held on the lunch box for grandma....We reached outside people running other's crying screaming what an experience...A day i will never forget.My Nana meant the world to us.A strong women who looked out for our future who was there regardless of anything a lovable person.I miss you Mama you meant so much to me.I hope some day i get the opportunity to see you and tell you how much i missed you..How much difference you made in my life.Love you  R.I.P. Nereyda Bonilla

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thats so sad. i can understand why you will never forget. you were so young!

im so sorry to know your story. I Pray your grandmas in peace.

What do you mean?

Hmmm. .Wat u thinking to do nw