Sept 11

This was a disasterous day for the entire world. A wake up call for the governments and who knows what else. It was one heck of a shock indeed. Think it was one way to show that no one knows who is doing what or what groups are planning what. I was supposed to be on one of those planes going from Boston to LA and then on to Taiwan but changed plans 4 days before. This time went from Boston to San Franciso to see a few friends then onto Taipei. I was working there and went home to see a few family since a parent died. Of course I did not have any idea what was going to take place but then no one else knew as well.

The strange thing is a few months before meet one of the men who took part in this. They were looking for a passport and asked me if I wanted to sell mine. Said no and went on my way. But remember the faces. In Boston did see them again at the Boston Common. Just wondered what was going on and  did nothing really but after seeing the news and the pics of these guys knew well.... I did talk with a person whom i could trust about this and just was shaken up . Knowing that you had talked to a man who was part of a huge plot to destroy. The pictures in the paper stood out and was totally upset. I could of been on that plane. I could of been destroyed for what real reason. Have heard that the government had a part in this but just do not really understand why people will say things like this really.

A year later was home again and my younger sister mentioned this and told her but she thought I was crazy but added it was sad I was not on that plane. She would of made some money from the airline. Yeah! Very sad but did nothing more. We have cut our ties and she does not know where i am and careless where she is. Very weird family and of course sad that none of them care. My sibling is a fruit cake in many ways. When at her home she listened in on phone calls, could not go out at night and had to have lights out at 830 ince she wanted to get to sleep early. When ready to leave for S Korea she wanted to have the email address of the person whom I was going to work for. Knew she sent an email but not sure just what was in it. I should of given her a wrong address and then might of been better off. NOt sure why she did what she did.

The fact remains I could of been on that plane and ended up ash but made a few decisions to change the course of life. I am not that inclined to seek out family and look more to my friends who take care of me better. It is even sadder that bin laden is not found and hiding out. I have heard that our us gov't might of had a hand in this but for what reason and for what purpose. I did not trust Bush and never did like him. He just seemed like a real scum bag. He wanted bin laden but never caught this guy. He most likely is sitting in the mts laughing his head off knowing he'll never be caught. The sad fact is many died or were burned alive and just ash. Many lost their friends like I did in the towers. I just felt so bad. Ten few talk about the plane which hit the pentagon. Many perished there as well but few seem to discuss this. So what is life about today? Life is about surviving and knowing. I knew later that I could of been a victum and yet here I a still alive and living in China.
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