Just An Ordinary Morning? Turned Upside Down

Well, i went to work like a lot of others that day. i saw the buildings from my office window, and i turned around just as the second tower fell. they let us go home, it was moving in slow motion and everyone just quiet. i went home and worried about my fiance at the time getting home, and he did. he didnt work in the towers. he worked in a hospital just out side of manhatten.

I found out in days to come that a friend of mine, who had been in my wedding party had lost his life, he was a local fireman and ran in to help the others and never came out. they never found his body and around 700 people where at his memorial service. i dedicated a song book at my church to him.

Since then, i remember driving into the city to see the double lights they turned on that first nite, and my daughter and I went into see ground zero, oh 2-3 weeks if that long after it happened. i dont look at the pictures anymore.

i ask God to bless all those families hurt in that horrible tradgedy.
iamstillrighthere iamstillrighthere 51-55, F 4 Responses Sep 9, 2010

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Still bogles my mind.. the terrible evil of it. We have to go on though and face each new day as a gift.

true we do. we have no choice. i have my share of tradgedy and now one understands how i go on. i have to . its that simple

not many of us really ever just give up and quit trying to do life.. something in the human spirit that says we must go on.. can't just quit, or shut down. Some may do that but they do come back to reality after some time. healing time for them maybe.

God bless you! Everything happens for a reason, always remember that. And now because of 9/11 our country is stronger, has a better defense program, and a lot of things have been learned. Again, God be with you.

Man your story brings back memories. We lived in bklyn hts at the time I was talking to my mother at the moment the towers collapsed. There was a minute of static, then the line came back. My wife called to say she was alright. I was like, what? She said look outside, and my entire neighborhood was enveloped in thick green smoke with little shiny things floating in it. Maybe asbestos? Who knows. I went back inside and watched the news and cried.

My heart is sad ...I ask God to bless them many loving Angels now!

Holds you in the arms of my soul...........always........................