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Who Would Have Guessed?

I was merely a kid then who'd just dropped out of college and was working as a counter manager for Estee Lauder. This was the day we had one of our Lauder meetings, which I loved because it meant I got paid and wasn't really working (and all the free stuff!!) They held the meeting in an upscale hotel meeting room downtown with fancy breakfast...being 22 at the time I thought I was really important. I drove to the (22 story) hotel parking garage and heard on the radio that a plane had run into the world trade center. The DJs were joking a bit even about how could a plane miss that. I kind brushed it off as DOES that happen? By the time I'd gotten to the 22nd floor from the parking garage, people were there talking about that plane crash....then the 2nd one happened. That's when radio started to realize that this was not a freak incident. The meeting conductor had gotten a radio and listened to the news and then shortly heard about the other planes. Panic set in my stomach. What was going to happen? Was a plane going to hit the tall hotel I was in? Shortly afterwards, they decided to call off the meeting. THey said we could go be with our families, or go back to work...or stay for the lunch buffet. Scared to death I left immediately. Only I had nobody to go home to. I fled the city as fast as I could to my crappy, suburban apartment and called my mom to see if I should come home. She said "stay put, nothing you can do by coming home." They lived near Ft. Knox, and I feared that it would be under attack at some point as well....even though there really is no gold there. The rest of the day I cowered under the blankets on the couch...watching the footage...disgusted by the middle easterns who were filmed cheering about our massacre. The world I knew was never the same after that. I no longer felt so "safe" in America.
Maureen24 Maureen24 31-35, F 1 Response Sep 9, 2010

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I was working at University then. We saw it on the Tele. I had thought the world was coming to the end, then we got notice to leave and leave fast. It was my Pearl Harbor. Later that day I was in my home watching the events that unfolded, Humanity at its worst. I cried , I was angry, I wanted revenge, and I just didn't understand. It changed me, it changed my veiws on the world. I had a thought, that Humanity is really not better than what lurks in the Jungles at night, swift, cruel, uncaring. I cried for those souls at the Towers, the Pentagon, and for Flight 93. I also wept for Humanity for we just showed the Heavens that we are no better than what creeps, slithers,or walks in that dark Jungle." Be at peace all you souls whose lives were stolen. We won't forget."