@ That Time I Lived 10 Min From Manhattan.

My x n I owned our home at that time we lived in Lodi, NJ. I only had 2 kids one was at home with me and the older one was in Pre K. i was washing my kitchen floor on my hands n knees and had the news on in the background. when i heard the reported say OMG! in a panicky voice i got up n went to the tv n there it was a plane in the tower.as the news unravelled i bcame more concerned with goin to sign my son outta school. which was on lockdown for several hours... i finally was able to go in n get my son home. they were told nothing at the school n he was too young to really understand anyway.
My x worked at a local hospital n had to stay for 2 days without leaving due to the fact that he was in charge of decontamination tents at that time.
the horrible memories of ppl jumping outta the burning towers to their death!! it was a sicking sight!!!! SO SAD!!!
As time went on and the towers fell our town was filled with "residue" from the ash blowing in our direction. and ill never forget the horrible smell in the air due to the burning that went on n on and the rotting smell as well.
I attended many memorials and tributes for the passing members of my community, none that i knew personally but still felt sorrow for what they went through and their families. it was a horrible expierience.
to this day it all seems like it happened yesterday. i cant believe the yrs that have past.
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Sep 9, 2010